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Joseph John Merck, with his wife, Katherine Cecilia Eberle, brought his family from the Ukraine to the United States in 1912. This site will contain some random notes and comments about the family background, their experiences, the places they lived, and other subjects related to that topic. No particular organization of comments or articles should be expected.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Village Maps

In preparation for our trip later this month to the villages where our Dad and Grandfather were born in South Russia (now Ukraine), I have obtained maps of the villages we will visit. These maps were prepared long after they left there (about 1940), but they are the best I could find. The lots have labels indicating who lived there. I like to assume that one of the homes where a Merk/Merck lived in the 1940s is where my Grandfather lived before they left, about 30 years before that. There were several Merk homes on the map.

I used the Google Earth program to plot the travel routes from Strasbourg in Alsace to the villages of Beinheim and Schoenenbourg where the Mercks lived before going to South Russia. Beinheim is less than 50 km (about 32 minutes) northeast of Strasbourg. Schoenenbourg is about 20 km northwest of there (about 25 minutes).