Merck Family - Random Notes

Joseph John Merck, with his wife, Katherine Cecilia Eberle, brought his family from the Ukraine to the United States in 1912. This site will contain some random notes and comments about the family background, their experiences, the places they lived, and other subjects related to that topic. No particular organization of comments or articles should be expected.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Merck Family Reunion

Descendants of the Felix and Mary Merck family are planning for a family reunion in Minot, North Dakota, the weekend of June 8 - 10, 2007. Events planned for the casual get-together include a Friday Night Social, Merck Family Golf Scramble and a Progressive Whist Tournament on Saturday, rounded out by a Merck Family Dinner and Dance that evening. The reunion will end with a family picnic on Sunday. Costs to attend will be minimal. Registrations should be made by March 23, 2007. For questions, contact:,,,, or

Monday, March 12, 2007

Some Ukraine Photos

Merv Weiss is a Canadian whose ancestors emigrated from Alsace to South Russia (now Ukraine) much like the Mercks did. He has documented his family research in an interesting website which you can view at the link. He has made several trips to the Ukraine to visit the area where his ancestors lived. Some of the photos he took are displayed on his website. Look at the left column and click on the Ukraine 2004, Ukraine 2005, Ukraine 2006, etc. links. You will see some pictures taken at Elsass and Mannheim, two of the villages our group will visit, and some pictures taken at Odessa.


Movie Set in the Ukraine

A 2005 movie called "Everything is Illuminated" is set in the area of the Ukraine near where our group will soon be visiting. It is about a young Jewish man who goes to Odessa and out into the countryside to find information about his grandfather. The views of the city and countryside are what we will see and perhaps some of the people he encountered will be as well. One of the group members who has seen it recommends it to everyone going on the trip. She cautions that parts of it might offend, but the humor and resolution of the story are worth it. The movie is only available on DVD.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Group Will Visit Ancestral Homelands

In late May and early June 2007, a small group who are descendants of Joseph John Merck and Katherine Cecilia Eberle will visit the birthplaces of those ancestors. After a few days in London, the group will travel to the Odessa area of the Ukraine where they will visit the Kutschurgan villages of Elsass and Mannheim. Their itinerary will also include a stopover in the Alsace region of France where the Mercks lived before they went to South Russia (now Ukraine). More details later.